The Customer Experience Litmus Test

If “experience” means,

“practical contact with, and observation of, facts or events.”

Then Customer Experience is about,

“your customer’s practical contact with, and observation of, facts or events.”

If “practical” means,

“of, or concerned with, the actual doing or actual use of something rather than with theory and ideas.”

Then Customer Experience is,

“my customer’s actual (not theoretical) contact with, and observation of, facts or events.”

A Customer Experience effort that is not managing, mapping, or studying what the customer is actually doing or actually using or actually observing is not Customer Experience Management at all. It is just Customer Experience Speculating.

About the author: JC writes about interpersonal and business relationships and the technology that improves them. His books are available on Amazon and other major retailers.

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About the Author:

An advocate for relationship improvement. The author of two books on customer relationship management and business relationship psychology. An adjunct professor of Customer Experience and Digital Marketing Strategy. Proud US Air Force veteran and even prouder husband and dad.

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