Do your Customer & Employee Experience efforts lack business sense?

Every week I read a new post about the “emergence” of employee experience (lets call it Ex) as a priority and essential element of customer experience (Cx) success. Some companies struggle to prioritize employee-focused vs customer-focused efforts, and build cultures that care about both. But dialog on this topic is beyond new or emergent. I don’t think the core problem is a Cx or Ex problem at all but rather a business modeling issue. It does impact employee and customer experience but the root cause is about how we disconnect essential business elements. Isolating Ex and Cx from business needs will prevent you from creating Cx and Ex programs at the right level of influence.

The real problem to address is about connecting ALL the components that keep you in business, of which employee and customer needs are only two out of nine core business components. I have heard people say that you cannot grow a business by only thinking about cost and revenue. I agree. It is like having a four-legged table, removing two legs, and expecting the entire table to stay balanced on the remaining two. I see companies set such expectations and put all their focus on revenue generation and cost management at the expense of employee welfare and customer service. However, this imbalance scenario is applicable regardless of which legs are missing, and lately we are expecting the same unreasonable balance by placing all our attention on customer and employee experience instead. Your company has nine interdependent components that have to balance your business, together.

No one has addressed this truth as eloquently as the authors of Business Model Generation. If you have not read the book, stop right now and get a copy because there is a chance you are getting both Cx and Ex all wrong if you are not connecting them to your business holistically. That’ s because as important as customer relationships and employee engagement are to a business, you cannot disconnect them from cost management, revenue generation, partnering with key stakeholders, and managing key activities through the right relationships and channels. In fact, if your customer and employee initiatives are not connecting to these business elements, you are doing it all wrong. Do you know how customer relationships and employee engagement fit the nine elements of the Business Model Generation canvas?

Take time to get smart about Business Model Generation and Value Creation. No Cx or Ex effort can ever be successful without them.

About the author: JC writes about interpersonal and business relationships and the technology that improves them. His books are available on Amazon and other major retailers.

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An advocate for relationship improvement. The author of two books on customer relationship management and business relationship psychology. An adjunct professor of Customer Experience and Digital Marketing Strategy. Proud US Air Force veteran and even prouder husband and dad.

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