You Can Make Customer Relationship Management Better!

Better to use. Better to adopt. Better to deliver on the promises of customer retention, experience, service, and loyalty. Your investment in CRM technology can do so much more than manage contacts and pipeline. CRM can be the epicenter of business relationship success and digital transformation.

Ask us how our methodology and approach to making CRM better is saving CRM implementations and bringing a fresh perspective to customer relationship management and experience strategies, no matter what CRM tool you use! Based on the CRM strategy and adoption best seller Speaking Frankly About Customer Relationship Management.

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A fresh approach to CRM adoption and success!

After thousands of global implementations of CRM tools with our global technology partners we have found an effective approach to CRM adoption and CRM strategic collaboration. It saves companies millions in potential delays caused by implementation failure and silo-driven behavior and delays. The heart of our success is in educating users on what CRM can do for them and introducing proven methods for building genuine customer relationships through digital transformation.

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Our Interview & Analytics Platform Identifies Challenges Faster!

Digital interviews replicate the depth of an in-person interview while preserving anonymity and allowing participants to answer questions at their own pace. That is how we identify challenges with CRM implementation and use. Faster, targeted, and supported by powerful analytics.

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