Books about the Technology and Psychology
of building business relationships…

Serious Relationships: The 7 Elements of Successful Business Relationships (2017)
A candid examination of how we manage customers, employees, and business partner (channels / VARs / ISVs) relationships. It asks leaders: What would happen if you managed your business relationships with the same care and attention as other “serious” relationships in your life? How would it impact all your relationships across your business? How would collaboration in all these areas change the way you deliver your value proposition? A broad exploration of relationship expectation, engagement, relevance, service, transparency and experience across all your business efforts. Buy from Amazon

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Speaking Frankly About Customer Relationship Management:
Why Customer Relationship Management Is Still Alive and Vital to Your Company’s Customer Strategy.

An indispensable resource for implementing customer strategies that lead to measurable experiences. The book proposes that customer relationship management (CRM) is still (and more than ever) an essential component of how you win and keep the right customers. A return to strategic thinking about how CRM initiatives and technology require honest conversations about ten important elements that lead to collaboration. Get It From Amazon

Want to have JC speak at your event? Visit his speaker profile here for details.
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