Doing for business relationships what therapists do for marriages!

That is exactly what we do… We evaluate the elements that contribute to business relationship deterioration and help you fix them.

Along the way we help you learn how to build a company that builds genuine relationships with customers, employees, and the many partners that help you grow your business.

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Three weeks that will transform your business!

We work with your company in three-week sprints we call Collaborative Sprints. We assess specific relationship elements and implement education and strategic initiatives to improve them.


about asking the right questions...

Digital and traditional interviews offer a smarter, faster path to insight that helps us derive value from the interview process from day one. The interviews are delivered across your organization in a highly secured environment and ask questions about value, engagement, and culture.


a foundation of common skills...

Working from a common foundation for building business relationships creates collaboration. Learning a common methodology establishes a common language for discussing value creation, expectations management, support, engagement, and achieving transparency and trust.


solving problems together...

Insight leads to action and problem resolution applicable to immediate opportunities and long term planning. We work together to affect positive change in business modeling, culture, process, and even technology improvement. These could be the most profitable three weeks of your business.

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Why partner with us?

Relationship-building requires a set of skills we live and implement every day. Transformation spans across cultural, business modeling and technology aspects of building exceptional customer, employee, and partner experiences.

We Know Culture

We bring value through a strong understanding of national and organizational culture...

We Know Culture

We understand the influence of culture on behavior. It is part of our work with international companies and multilingual organizations. Internal and organizational culture also influences relationships and you need a partner who knows how behavior impacts your investments in people.

We Know Business

We provide a valuable understanding of Business Model Generation, transformation, and change management ...

We Know Business

As business model generation and change management practitioners we know how business relationships impact the button line. Relationships connect the most essential aspects of business. Therefore, behavior has to connect to value proposition, revenue, and cost.

We Understand Behavior

We understand the psychology and practice of building business relationships...

We Understand Behavior

Our expertise includes conflict resolution, organizational development, industrial & organizational psychology, and customer relationship management. Our relationship methodology is taught at academic institutions like Rutgers University.

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Business Relationship Books & Keynotes

Learn more about our passion for people and for building the relationships that build your business through our books and presentations.

Serious Relationships: The 7 Elements of Successful Business Relationships (2017)
A candid examination of how we manage customers, employees, and business partner (channels / VARs / ISVs) relationships. It asks leaders: What would happen if you managed your business relationships with the same care and attention as other “serious” relationships in your life? How would it impact all your relationships across your business? How would collaboration in all these areas change the way you deliver your value proposition? A broad exploration of relationship expectation, engagement, relevance, service, transparency and experience across all your business efforts.

Speaking Frankly About Customer Relationship Management:
Why Customer Relationship Management Is Still Alive and Vital to Your Company’s Customer Strategy.

An indispensable resource for implementing customer strategies that lead to measurable experiences. The book proposes that customer relationship management (CRM) is still (and more than ever) an essential component of how you win and keep the right customers. A return to strategic thinking about how CRM initiatives and technology require honest conversations about ten important elements that lead to collaboration. Buy it now

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Partnering with global experts and agencies to extend our value.

What our clients are saying:

The workshops (and books!) are a must do for any organization looking to strategically evaluate, architect and implement customer service programs to deliver first class customer experiences.

What our clients are saying...

Our engagement was focused on talent acquisition goals. The inclusion of culture was an eye opener.  It motivated us to consider how we communicate with new candidates and build new relationships. Great investment in our corporate culture.

What our clients are saying...

I had to reconsider how much I really knew about the way we build “relationships” with our re-seller channels and distributors. Very thought provoking but also spot on with business strategy.

What our clients are saying...

The expert guidance and leadership about the principles of Relationship Building clearly resonated with the team. We’re equipped with the fundamentals to define the exceptional experiences our customers deserve at every step of their journey with our team.

What our clients are saying...

The work we accomplished have been incredibly valuable to our team. Keeping it simple by addressing relationships at every step within our company. The fundamentals truly resonated with our team…centered around establishing clear expectations, making it easy, and developing the foundation for a long-term relationship.

What our clients are saying...

By using the Customer Journey mapping framework towards helping us define and establish clear expectations, make it easy for our customers to do business with us, and give customers what they want and need, our team has implemented the strategy and programs to ensure long term relationships with our customers.

What our clients are saying...

We consider our workplace a great place to work already but what we learned about how our associates feel about the company and the feedback that came from our strategy sessions was tremendous.

What our clients are saying...
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How can we be of service?

How can we be of service?

Tell us more...

I think you’ll agree, there’s nothing better than building stronger relationships. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about you and your needs in this area.