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When relationships are disconnected, your business is disconnected. Relationship problems are the enemy of customer loyalty and employee engagement.

Serious Relationships is an examination of the seven elements we use to rate  and make decisions about our business relationships. It is a guide to identifying the seven key areas where relationships fall apart and how to make better decisions to improve and restore connections. This book is a must-read on how to manage relationship expectations and restore engagement with all your business stakeholders.

Praises for the work…

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“…dynamic, entertaining, motivating… his message is spot on and just what our employees needed…”

T. Darling, KTD Communications

“…an entertaining and comedic style that engages audiences and gets them thinking deeply about the beautiful intersection between business objectives and true human engagement and trust…”

C. Spokely, Extreme 365 Events

“…his work has inspired me and my peers. Thanks for the years of insight…”

J. Mango, Verizon

“…what JC speaks about changes companies, and lives…”

B. Bruffey, CEO, Protech

About the Author

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Humorist and author JC Quintana delights audiences with an entertaining and vital message about the psychology of building successful business relationships.

One of the most respected leaders in the area of business relationship education and the author of two best-selling books on the psychology and technology of managing stakeholder relationships. JC speaks from tangible experience leading customer, employee, and partner efforts for Fortune 500 companies around the globe. His insights are part of the Center for Innovation Education Customer Experience Certificate Program at Rutgers University (where he co-founded CX@Rutgers) and the Digital Marketing Certificate Program at the University of South Florida Muma College of Business.

JC holds undergraduate degrees in Human Resource Management and Religious Studies, and a graduate degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. He is a certified conflict management facilitator and trainer with Mediation Training Institute at Eckerd College Leadership Development Institute and a certified Design Thinking practitioner. Proud Air Force veteran, father, and grandfather. He lives in Kennesaw, GA.

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Learn more about the Serious Relationship approach and our framework for building the relationships that build your business. JC speaks about how relationships impact every aspect of your business.

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About the Logo

We put a lot of thought into our logo. It represents the three relationship entities of the business ecosystem: Customers, employees, and partners. They all blend together into a unified entity we call a company. They are corporate entities brought together for a common purpose. The relationship between these corporate entities is called the corporate relationship. Now you know what we are about. Be sure to learn more about us throughout this page.

About the Concept

Everything we do (consulting, education, technology assisted digital interviews, and program development) is always about the seven foundations of business relationships. You will see them throughout this site, in our books, and in every engagement. We believe in the importance of focusing on these areas, measuring them, and making strategic and technology decisions based on their level of health at your company. We have been described as marriage counselors for companies... That is not a bad analogy.

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